Attracting Talent to the Social Housing Sector

Attracting Talent to the Social Housing Sector

Attracting the sort of talent who can have a positive impact on the social housing sector can be a challenge, as it can be for any sector at the moment. The recruitment market is competitive, and the very best candidates often have options to choose from.

To attract these candidates to the social housing sector, it is important to demonstrate exactly what the job can do for them, not only right now but in the future too.


Challenges of the Social Housing Sector

There is already a lot of hard working talent in the social housing sector, but the truth is that much more is needed. The demands of the sector are only going to grow from here, and the talent holding the fort are already feeling the strain.

Subsidised housing will be bringing even more challenges in the coming years in areas such as funding, development and asset management, not to mention customer service too. This is why it is vital that the social housing sector figures out how to attract more and more and of the best candidates on the market.

Let’s look at three strategies that can help attract talent to the social housing sector.


Emphasise Digital Skills and Experience

The best talent on the market in any sector will have a significant amount of technical and digital knowhow in their skill sets. Experience with digital tools can be critical to creating efficient processes and serving customers, while they can also be powerful tools with which to engage employees.

Emerging technologies are exciting for today’s workers. They can create a dynamic culture in the social housing sector for current employees, which in turn creates an attractive proposition for talented candidates. A focus on digital skills and experience also demonstrates the potential for professional growth and development, which as we know is one of the major selling points that attracts new talent.

The provision of training in digital and technical areas is also attractive, but this should start with your current employees. Addressing gaps in skills and expertise helps the organisation, but it also shows the best talent that the social housing sector is a valuable place to work.


Long Career Potential

Career longevity can be an attractive property for many a talent as not everyone wants to skip back and forth between different organisations. While working for one organisation for an entire career is rare these days, the potential being there can be reassuring and motivating.

Demonstrating to talent that the possibility of a long and rewarding career is there if they want it can be exactly what the right kind of candidate wants to hear. And remember, it is not always about the best talent, but the right talent.


Status and Fulfilment

One of the benefits for an individual of a long career in the same industry is their eventual evolution into a respected authority. Even the greenest of candidates can achieve fulfilment in a social housing career which will ultimately see them esteemed among their colleagues and peers.

While these points won’t be so attractive to the sort of candidate looking to climb the corporate ladder, they do appeal to the right kind of candidates who will thrive in the social housing sector.


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