Leave Your Comfort Zone for a New Career

Leave Your Comfort Zone for a New Career

Starting a new career in a new industry can have a lot of benefits for modern professionals, but it will mean challenging yourself to step out of your comfort zone. Here we explain six ways to help you embrace the challenge and make the most of new opportunities that come your way.


Conduct Research into New Industry and Role

We can minimise the intimidation factor of stepping out of our comfort zone by conducting thorough research into whatever new role and industry interests us. Something being unknown plays a big part in how uncomfortable it can make us, so taking time to fully understand the new industry along with the demands and expectations of a new role will be vital. It can also help you identify any skill gaps and experience needed.


Re-evaluate Your Skills and Experience

You may already have a lot of transferable skills that can be applied to the new role you are looking for, so re-evaluate your skills and experience from the perspective of the new role. You may also have previously achieved certain things that were not as relevant in your current role but will be helpful in the new one. There are also many soft skills that are important across multiple different industries, with the likes of problem-solving, leadership and communication often highly valued.


Achieve New Qualifications

You can bridge any skills gaps by enrolling in courses that are relevant to your new role. There may also be workshops you can attend and webinars you can participate in. Another option could be to seek out a professional mentor from the sector that can provide you with guidance and advice as you change your career. Such mentors usually appreciate people trying to break into their sector, and will often be willing to help someone with a similar passion to themselves.


Break Down Mental Barriers

While the previous three external actions are valuable for helping you step out of your comfort zone, there is also plenty of internal work you can do to prepare yourself. It is vital that you identify any mental barriers preventing you from truly stretching yourself and deconstruct each one to gain a deeper understanding of them. By identifying and acknowledging any restrictive beliefs you have, you can overcome these barriers that can limit and undermine your self-confidence.


Cultivate a Growth Mindset

By believing you can genuinely improve and expand your skills and knowledge through hard work and a learning attitude, you can cultivate a growth mindset. This

will not only help you step out of your comfort zone to embrace a new career, but also in many other areas of your life too. A growth mindset will allow for new opportunities and experiences, and help you continuously grow as a person and a professional.


Expand Your Network

Expanding your network is another way to open new opportunities and step out of your comfort to start a new career. You can gain valuable insights into your new industry and connect with professionals already working there, as well as gain a better understanding of the dynamics at play within the sector.


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