The importance of hiring for cultural fit

The importance of hiring for cultural fit

The importance of hiring for cultural fit


The culture of a company has always been important, but recently it has grown into a top priority for many of the most talented candidates on the market.

There is a much greater emphasis these days on finding the right work/life balance, and the way in which an individual fits into the culture of the company they work for plays a significant role in this. Such a cultural fit is important whether it’s a larger firm seeking someone to fit into an established working environment, or a small business still placing the foundation stones of the work culture they want to build for the future.

Hiring the wrong cultural fit can be disastrous in multiple ways, and not only because it probably requires you going through the entire recruitment process again soon enough. It can also affect the morale of other employees, which in turn affects motivation and productivity.

Let’s look closer at what exactly we mean by ‘cultural fit’, and why it is so important in the modern professional environment.


Cultural fit explained

A ‘cultural fit’ means an employee whose personality and character blends in seamlessly with the workplace culture of a business or organisation.

Workplace culture can differ massively from company to company, with some working environments being very serious while others are a lot more relaxed. This makes it a little intangible, as influencing factors can vary greatly, but it generally represents the values, beliefs and behaviours of the work force and its leaders.

Elements such as the way staff are expected to interact with others inform the culture, as does the relationships between senior and junior workers.

A candidate with the right cultural fit will have the kind of personality that complements the existing employees and how they work together. They will also respond positively to the demands and expectations of their role.


Why a cultural fit is important

We spend a lot of time working in our professional lives. In fact, besides those we live with, we will be spending more time with our colleagues than with our family and friends. Really, right there is why workplace culture and fitting into it is so important. Life will be pretty miserable without a good cultural fit in the workplace.

Happy employees are productive employees, and ensuring each of them fits in well with the company culture is the best way to maintain a high staff morale. Employees will also engage more when they fit into the workplace culture and look forward to coming to work instead of resenting or even dreading it.

Another important aspect of creating a defined workplace culture is that it can enhance the brand of your business by giving it real personality. You can want your business to be perceived as friendly and positive all you like, but that won’t be how your business is perceived by others if the workers aren’t all friendly and positive themselves.

Also bear in mind that a bad cultural fit can easily derail all the hard work previously put into creating a brand-enhancing work culture populated by a happy and productive work force.


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