Why is now the time to start looking for a new role?

Why is now the time to start looking for a new role?

As we’ve settled into 2024, many of us will be contemplating making some changes and improvements to our lives after overcoming the Christmas and new year rush.  


For many that will involve eating cleaner and exercising more, or perhaps dedicating more time to that hobby that seems to have fallen by the wayside. For others, the focus will be on their career and how they can make improvements to their professional development. Many folks will already have been thinking about switching jobs for some time, but there will also be plenty of people thinking such thoughts for the first time.  


Whatever your current circumstance, it’s worth contemplating the potential benefits of you starting a new job at this time of year.  


Here we look at the benefits of starting a job in the new year, and why it might be the perfect time for you to make the switch: 


Making a Fresh Start 

A lot of people will be feeling like their careers have stagnated, and that professional progression is unlikely to happen in their current role. The new year is thus a great opportunity to make a fresh start and reinvigorate your career with a new job. 


Develop New Skills 

Starting a new job in the new year will give you an opportunity to learn new skills with which you can continue progressing your career. It is a chance to grow both professionally and personally, with your newly expanded skill set enabling you to fulfil your true potential. 


Reignite Your Passion 

Being at the same company for a long time without making the kind of progression you had originally hoped for can sap the energy and motivation out of your daily efforts. Starting a new job can reignite your passion, motivating you to embrace each day as another opportunity to advance your career. 


Expand Your Network 

A new job will provide you with new contacts and the chance to build new relationships with professional contemporaries. You can expand your professional network and gain exposure to new ideas and perspectives.  


Build Your Confidence 

By betting on yourself by switching jobs, you can build up your self-confidence by embracing the challenges that come with starting in a new role. The search for a new job along with the subsequent interview and onboarding process will give your sense of self-worth a real boost to start off the year. 


Earn More Money 

Switching to a new job means you have a chance at earning more money than you currently do. Many job-hoppers find themselves earning more for the same role than contemporaries who stay at a firm for many years. So, research your role and skill set and see if your potential earnings can improve by starting a new job in the new year. 


Get Ahead of the Competition 

There is often a general assumption that the end of a year and the start of a new one is not a great time to search for a new job. The holiday season can also be stressful so many others simply put off the job search until everything has calmed down. This means there could well be a lot less competition for the available roles than at other times of the year. 


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